Comparative Anatomy: A Continuum

Follow the development of your assigned system through the major phyla of the animal kingdom looking for advantages or adaptations in the system. Trace the system from the simple organisms, sponges, through to the most complex, mammals. Working in your group, prepare a comprehensive presentation on the assigned system.

  1. Choose a representative organism in each of the 16 listed phyla.
  2. Research and describe the structure and function of your assigned organ system in each of the representative organisms you have chosen.
  3. Use text and images to illustrate the advantages and adaptations you have discovered in the system as you moved through the 16 phyla.
  4. Use at least 3 different formats for your sources. You may choose to use your textbook, other print sources, CD ROM sources or Internet sites.

Using PowerPoint, present your findings.

  1. This presentation must not exceed 15 minutes.
  2. Every group member must contribute verbally during this presentation.
  3. You must include text and illustrations. Illustrations may be drawn, scanned, or captured from a web site. All images must be credited to the source using a standard format.

Sources must be credible and must be given credit in a bibliography on the last slide(s) of your presentation.